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Jan Sofat, Curaçao’s most beloved neighborhood is moving forward as the original concept introduced by Spanish Water Resort N.V. in 1969 continues to grow.

About Jan Sofat

Jan Sofat, the one-of-a-kind neighborhood gem on the precious island of Curaçao is facing a unique growing process. Spanish Water Resort N.V. introduced the original conception in 1969 and the development programs did not stop ever since. Fast forward to the present day, phases 1,2,4 and 6 are virtually completed and luxury villas and condominiums have been built in this magnificent area. The finest homes with sea views are perfectly positioned to enjoy the captivating Spanish Water Lagoon and the impressive Tafelberg, a large flat-topped hill in Curaçao.

The Marina, the property management services and the real estate department set the future vision of Jan Sofat.

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The Jan Sofat plantation and country house, located on the Spanish Water, date from the 18th century and were also known as Jan Zoutvat or Vredeberg plantation.

The property consisted of 555.000m² surrounding Landhuis Jan Sofat, the scenic hillside peninsula and three islands: Isla di Yerba, Isla Kiniw and Kiniw Chikitu.

Jan Sofat was not very successful as a plantation and therefore had several owners over the years, including the Government. The penultimate owners (until 1969) used the grounds, among other things, for the rental of plots for weekend houses at the Spanish Water. In 1969 the development of this area took an interesting twist. The land development company Spanish Water Resort N.V. bought the plantation and developed it into one of the most exclusive areas of the island.

The development of Jan Sofat has known interesting phases:

  • Since 1969, the company has been focusing on the development of the north, south and east side of this neighborhood;
  • Nowadays the lots in phases 1, 2 and 4 have been sold;
  • In 2014 phase 5 development started. The construction of a marina gave this phase an interesting turn;
  • In 2018 the company focused on phase 3.1, in which a total of 28 new lots were developed;
  • In early 2021 phase 6 was finalized.

Mission & Vision

Spanish Water Resort N.V. aims to keep Jan Sofat as an exclusive neighborhood. The local and international residents of this area have a high living standard. It is important to keep meeting their requirements and provide them with the best service.

The goal of Spanish Water Resort N.V. is to maintain the luxurious and exclusive status of Jan Sofat, where the residents can enjoy a secure and peaceful way of living. For this reason, Jan Sofat Residents Association was established in 1987. Also, grandiose development plans have been made, for example, the expansion of recreational facilities. The exclusive and luxurious neighborhood of Jan Sofat is an investment spot to have on your radar!