About Jan Sofat

Jan Sofat, Curaçao’s most beloved neighborhood is moving forward as the original concept introduced by Spanish Water Resort N.V. in 1969 continues to grow. With Phases 1, 2, 4 and 6 now virtually completed, additional luxury villas and condominiums are planned in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Many homes have unparalleled views of the island’s magnificent Spanish Water lagoon with the Tafelberg in the distance.

The Marina, our property management services and real estate department all form part of Jan Sofat’s new vision for the future. Looking for a house or an empty lot on the Spanish Water lagoon, let us find your dream property. Contact us for up to date listings.

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Mission & Vision

Spanish Water Resort N.V. is committed to developing Jan Sofat as an exclusive neighborhood. Our clients are discerning individuals from the international and local communities who require high living standards in pleasant attractive surroundings. We shall strive consistently to meet their needs and provide them with the additional support and service they deserve.

Spanish Water Resort N.V. envisions a luxurious neighborhood that is at all times secure, tranquil and a pleasant place to live in. To help achieve this goal, a residents’ association was established in 1987. Plans are already under way for the further development of Jan Sofat and the expansion of its recreational facilities.


In 1969 a group of local investors bought a plantation then known as Vredeberg. The property consisted of 555.000m² surrounding Landhuis Jan Sofat, the scenic hillside peninsula and three islands: Isla di Yerba, Isla Kiniw and Kiniw Chikitu. Since 1969, Spanish Water Resort N.V. has been developing the Jan Sofat North, South and East properties.

The lots in Phases 1, 2 and 4 have been sold. Phase 5 saw the construction of a marina in 2014. Phase 3.1 includes 28 new lots which have been developed in 2018. And Phase 6  has been finalized in early 2021.

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The logo

The Jan Sofat logo was inspired by family shields used throughout history.
The shield is divided by the water waves. The Top of the shield resembles a house, wherein the J would be the window of the house. This would be the real estate part. The bottom side of the shield resembles the hull of a boat, wherein the S resembles the engine. The fresh blue colors used signify our relaxed attitude.

The logo was created by Koa Creatives.

Jan Sofat logo
Logo Jan Sofat