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Throw off those bowlines and sail away!

As boaters, you know that conditions can change rapidly.

In Curaçao and in the world today, we’re experiencing rapidly changing conditions, and COVID-19 is causing us to temporarily change the way we interact.

We thought it would be helpful to let you know that we care about the health of our employees and our members and will continue to actively assess the situation, comply with local laws and take all necessary actions in the best interest of everyone’s health and safety.

In order to limit personal contact a much as possible, we encourage members to use Whatsapp, phone or email. If at all possible please pay your invoices by wire transfer. We are working hard to preserve Jan Sofat Marina for all our members and we need your help to succeed. It’s an honor and a pleasure to serve you.


Our all-in boatyard offers 24/7 security.
A 4×4 vehicle will launch and haul-out your boat including a fresh water rinse each way.
Your boat in the water at any time is only one text away.

Per Month
<21 FT 21-30 FT >30 FT Sea-Doo’s etc
Jan Sofat Resident Ang 350 Ang 400 Ang 450 Ang 250
Non-JS Resident Ang 400 Ang 450 Ang 500 Ang 300

*Ang 150 less for storage only & you do the trailering yourself.

How it works: 

Step 1: Text us with the date and time of arrival
Step 2: Relax and enjoy your ready-to-go boat


1 Year Contract
<21 FT 21-35 FT >35 FT
Jan Sofat Resident
per year
Ang 16 x FT x 12 = X Ang 15 x FT x 12 = X Ang 14 x FT x 12 = X
Non-JS Resident
per year
Ang 17 x FT x 12 = X Ang 16 x FT x 12 = X Ang 15 x FT x 12 = X


6 Month Contract
<21 FT 21-35 FT >35 FT
Jan Sofat Resident
per 6 months
Ang 17 x FT x 6 = X Ang 16 x FT x 6 = X Ang 15 x FT x 6 = X
Non-JS Resident
per 6 months
Ang 18 x FT x 6 = X Ang 17 x FT x 6 = X Ang 16 x FT x 6 = X


Monthly Contract
<21 FT 21-35 FT >35 FT
Jan Sofat Resident
per month
Ang 18 x FT = X Ang 17 x FT = X Ang 16 x FT = X
Non-JS Resident
per month
Ang 19 x FT = X Ang 18 x FT = X Ang 17 x FT = X


Daily Docking
<21 FT 21-35 FT >35 FT
Jan Sofat Resident
per day
Ang 35 Ang 40 Ang 45
Non-JS Resident
per day
Ang 45 Ang 50 Ang 55


Details at Jan Sofat Marina or info@jansofat.com
Prices are excluding OB, set for 2021 and subject to change yearly.


The slipway is open for Jan Sofat residents.
One time fee = Ang 25
6-month fee = Ang 150

The slipway is also open for boatyard and docking members.

Haul-out or launching by Jan Sofat Marina:
Jetski = Ang 50 per one time
<21ft boat = Ang 75 per one time
>21ft boat = Ang 125 per one time


Trailer storage options are available.

We also have trailers for rent:
Boat <21ft = Ang 50 per day
Boat >21ft = Ang 75 per day


Happy boating at Jan Sofat Marina!

Car and trailer parking is at your own risk.
Owners should ensure that all necessary security precautions are taken.
Please be considerate of other boaters. Do not block anyone and park in designated areas only.


Contact information

Jan Sofat Marina: +599 9 735-1530
Jan Sofat Real Estate: +599 9 690-1530

Emergency numbers

Coast Guard: 913 / VHF channel 16
Citro: 913
Police: 911
Ambulance: 912
Fire department: 911