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Jan Sofat is divided into 6 phases, each with their unique characteristics, but with exclusivity and luxury as main objectives.

For this reason, the neighborhood has known several important development projects intending to offer its residents a high quality of life. ‘Jan Sofat Infrastructure Renovation 2020’ is one of the most principal developments of the neighborhood. This project started in 2019 and we can proudly mention that Jan Sofat’s infrastructural face-lift has successfully been completed in 2022.

Also, in early 2021 phase 6 was finalized with the construction of turn-key apartments and villas. This is another phase that offers the lure of exclusivity.

Jan Sofat Real Estate

Jan Sofat, the one-of-a-kind neighborhood gem on the precious island of Curaçao is facing a unique growing process. Spanish Water Resort N.V. introduced the original conception in 1969 and the development programs did not stop ever since. Fast forward to the present day, phases 1,2,4 and 6 are virtually completed and luxury villas and condominiums have been built in this magnificent area. The finest homes with sea views are perfectly positioned to enjoy the captivating Spanish Water Lagoon and the impressive Tafelberg, a large flat-topped hill in Curaçao.

The Marina, the property management services and the real estate department set the future vision of Jan Sofat.

Looking for the best place to live with a good quality of life? Contact us for an up-to-date listing of houses or empty lots available in the most fascinating areas of Curaçao! Let us help you find the home of your dreams!

Jan Sofat Marina

Jan Sofat Marina makes owning a boat so much easier and safer. Our Boatyard and Docking spaces include 24/7 security. Jan Sofat Marina focuses on service and safety. Spending a fun day on the water is what it’s all about!